Christmas Light Installation Made Easy

Get Our Christmas Light Installation Service and Brighten Your Christmas!

If you’re on the lookout for someone to take care of your Christmas light installation needs, look no further. ProWash 88 is a trusted name in the business, offering a comprehensive range of holiday decoration and lighting services.

Our process begins with a personalized design that caters to the unique needs of your home or business. From there, we take care of everything, providing all the necessary equipment, decorations, and labor. With our services, you won’t have to worry about a thing – we handle storage, maintenance, installation, and even takedown come January.

Trust us to make your holiday season merry and bright.

Our Process of Christmas Light Installation


We take your needs into careful consideration and present you with a multitude of choices specifically tailored to fit your budget and home. Additionally, we offer a selection of warm white lights for you to choose from, with the capability to swiftly illuminate everything from columns to trees, bushes, and even your entire house.


Our installation schedule starts in October, so it's recommended that you secure your booking promptly. Our superior-quality lights are perfect for any residential setting, and our customized extension cords are expertly concealed. With full control of the timer, you can decide when to turn on the lights, whether it's waiting until December or an instant display.


We ensure all the materials and lights that we offer. It means if bad pets, kids, or whether knocks down your lights, you can call us again, and we come to rehang them.


In January, our team will return to dismantle, label, and store all the Christmas lights, ensuring they are ready for the following season. We will meticulously review the lights and address any repairs or replacements needed on our platform, guaranteeing everything is set for the upcoming festivities.

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Each year, we proudly serve countless households with exceptional care and attention, ensuring that our clients are in capable hands. Our approach is customized to your specific needs and preferences, with a clear focus on brightening up your season. Once you have chosen a design, our team takes care of everything using innovative software that provides features like the next service date, invoice and deposit payments, quote approval, and work request submissions.

Our highly trained team is always ready to provide swift solutions and answer any questions you may have, all while delivering unmatched artistry and quality in every light we provide. Be prepared to receive compliments from your loved ones, friends, and neighbors – our services are sure to impress!

Our Christmas Lighting Service is Entirely Different as Compared to Others

Your Home is Protected and Safe

Our technicians are professional for quality and safety, and we use high-quality materials. We measure the electric current to make sure all the decorations are installed as per the manufacture specifications.

Same-Day Quotes

In most of the cases, we get rid of the need for an on-site visit during the process of quoting. We can rapidly offer a quote by inquiring some questions and checking the dimensions or pictures of your home through Google Maps. Never waste time waiting for any other company to get back to you. Talk to us today for the best experience of lighting.

Quick Emergency Service

We offer a fast emergency service in case your decorations fall or dogs and kids playing something rough and knock anything over. Just let us know that a repair is required, and we can fix this problem within a day.

Professional Grade Lighting

The quality of our decorations and light exceeds as compared to those found at Amazon, local stores, etc. High-quality light bulbs come with the best energy efficiency. While maintaining a traditional or natural color/he, our bulbs give off the best light. The cords for power supply are well-hidden and custom lengths.

Our Benefits of Christmas Lighting

Achieve your ideal Christmas light display with our cutting-edge LED technology without any added energy costs. No need to struggle with taking them down or finding storage space, as ProWash 88 provides a comprehensive home care lighting package. Let us help make your holiday season bright and stress-free.